Luck is not just a spa, it is an experience, a place to ease down, treat the body and soothe the soul.


Our aim is to offer you a convenient place to go to receive a manicure, medical and cosmetic pedicure, foot massage and hair removal - all in the comforting ambience of a spa.

Our team consists of qualified, experienced manicurists and pedicurists, who all share the belief that a smile, a kind touch and giving from the heart constitute a rewarding and fulfilling way of life.

We believe in serenity - that's why you'll find no cell phones in Luck. This way we know you will be able to grant yourself the undivided attention that you deserve, and we will be able to enjoy your company while relishing the relaxing music and variety of aromatic perfumes, fragrant scents and pampering treatments.

Gift certificates - any treatment at Luck may be purchased as a gift certificate to offer your friends and loved ones the unique present of comfort and pleasure. Have a glance at the gift certificate page on this site, click the various gift certificates and discover the multitude of possibilities.

Brides - all treatments for the bride and groom are offered at a 30% discount, while family members receive a 20% discount and friends a 10% discount. Just remember, preorder your treatments about a month prior to the event to ensure a completely soothing and unforgettable experience.

Private events - we have played host to dozens of bachelorette parties, B'not Mitzva, birthday parties and social events, and for good reason! - We provide the ideal venue for a sisterhood gathering to share in feeling the excitement of personal grooming and embellishment. We believe that the primeval women's tribe is still dancing within us.

Birthdays - when ordering a treatment, just whisper to us on the phone, or even while you're here, that someone is celebrating a birthday - we will place a colorful garland headpiece on this special person and provide other surprises as well.

  Soothing Care for Your Hands  
Luck Manicure  
We begin by shaping and filing the nail and move on to peeling for the renewal of the skin on the palm of your hand plus an invigorating massage; we conclude by applying polish for a complete pampered look. It's just as fundamental and essential as it is soothing and pleasant.    
95 NIS
Joy Manicure  
A little harmless pleasure. Shaping and filing the nail, massaging with peeling cream for renewal and a deep, invigorating massage for the palm of your hand and arm. Yes, it's a little bit more time and even more pampering and healthy.   
115 NIS
Grace Manicure - the most unique of our manicures!  
We all need moments of grace. Shaping and filing the nail, massaging with peeling cream followed by a rich mud mask for cleansing, and concluding with a skin-nourishing massage. Highly recommended from the bottom of our heart!    
125 NIS
Hand Shake  
For those with little time, who still want to get it done. It's quite possible! A light filing, quick and perfect polishing and there you go - you are on your way...  
60 NIS
  Soothing Care for your Feet  
Luck Pedicure  
You are sitting in our special pedicure chair, your feet are dipped in the warm bath, the Jacuzzi is on and the back massage switches over to vibrate mode. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight! Your feet are treated to a pampering medical or cosmetic pedicure, which combines cleansing, peeling and massaging along with nail shaping and polishing. It's so hard to get up, oh so very hard.   
170 NIS
The Luck Experience - the most highly recommended!  
Following the medical or cosmetic pedicure, we begin the Thai foot massage. According to the finest tradition, we treat every energy point, while invigorating and soothing the body, the soul, and everything in between. It's relaxing yet stimulating and offers your total being a sense of floating. Just for the record, you should be advised. it's addictive!   
270 NIS
When you're pressed for time, or when you just feel like changing colors, enjoy a quick filing, shaping and polishing. 'Cause just between us, we know you don't have to make a fuss over everything.    
85 NIS
Bliss Foot Massage  
A traditional Thai foot massage. Lean back for half an hour so you can enjoy the luxury of receiving while feeling pampered, renewed and relaxed during this small, naughty bliss.   
115 NIS
Nirvana Foot Massage - the ultimate pampering pleasure!  
It turns out you can make room in your busy schedule for an hour of pure pleasure to sit back and dip your feet in soothing warm water, close your eyes and receive a no-holds-barred Thai massage. A thorough and soothing massage which works all your senses - you'll thank your feet for just being there!    
220 NIS
Heaven Massage  
A relaxing neck and shoulder massage. When you've finished your manicure, while waiting for the polish to dry, you'll be pampered with a relaxing and calming ten-minute massage, focusing on all the balance points along the neck, head and shoulders. Yes, it's brief, but absolutely calming and liberating.    
30 NIS


  Additional Treatments - Wax Hair Removal  
Whole leg
135 NIS
Half a leg  
80 NIS
75 NIS
110 NIS
Leg + bikini  
190 NIS
Leg + Brazilian  
230 NIS
90 NIS
50 NIS
45 NIS
Eyebrow shaping  
60 NIS
Back (men)  
115 NIS
Chest (men)  
130 NIS
Eyebrow dying  
50 NIS
Eyelash dying  
50 NIS
Facial cleansing  
70 NIS

Luck is open Sunday to Thursday , from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We are closed on Monday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. - that's our time as a team to meet and renew.

It is most advisable to order a treatment in advance and to notify us as to any cancellation. Please try not to be late - otherwise you'll miss your appointment. We always recommend that you come earlier so you'll have time to ease down, have a cup of coffee and relax.

Phone for reservations: 03-5442252

  Luck is located on 5 Alkalai St. in the Basel Center, Tel Aviv, behind the Basel Heights Medical Center and Arcaffe.
Enter Basel St. from Ibn Gvirol St., drive past the Basel Heights Medical Center, turn right onto Hashla St., and right again onto Alkalai St.
  It's best to park in the Basel parking lot, by entering from Basel St., at the front of the Basel Heights Medical Center. Alkalai St. runs north from and parallel to Basel St. Just a four-minute walk from the parking lot, through Ashturi HaFarhi pedestrian street, and you'll find yourselves in Luck.  
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